For His Glory (4HG)

4HG – For His Glory is a movement to create a healthy sports culture in Catholic schools. We believe athletics, when done right, serve as an invaluable tool for developing well-rounded children.

In grade school, students should be encouraged to play all sports. 4HG equips coaches to ensure kids have fun and get better while keeping a Christian focus. Effort and teamwork are valued above talent and results. 4HG reinforces that sports should revolve around the family, not vice versa. 4HG programs is a viable alternative to expensive and time-consuming traveling leagues. 4HG aids us in the mission of cultivating excellence within our students. Finally, the 4HG program boosts the visibility of our school and be an asset in growing enrollment.

Kids who play sports score up to 40% higher on tests and are 15% more likely to go to college. They are less likely to be sexually active, use drugs, or suffer from depression. Student-athletes have a lower risk of obesity and better overall fitness. They develop lifelong values and important character traits, all while creating memories that will last a lifetime. If your child has indicated an interest in sports but hesitated joining a team, this program will encourage him or her to play for the right reasons.

Through 4HG, our student-athletes will commit to following the 4HG Student Code of Conduct. They will be given wearables as reminders of their pledge to do their best, regardless of the outcome. Most of all, they will learn principles and virtues that will guide them toward the true purpose of athletics, using their God-given talents to participate with gratitude, grit, bravery, teamwork and humility, while always playing For His Glory. To learn more about 4HG, please visit