Parent-Student Handbook

Click HERE for St. Raphael Catholic School’s Parent-Student Handbook.

Digital Well-Being & Phone Policy

Saint Raphael embraces technology as one of the many ways God has shared the stewardship of his creation with men and women. It plays an important role in communication and study for our students into the future. However, like all good things, it requires virtue to be used well. Virtue means developing the internal freedom to practice good habits, and in the case of cell phones, we take seriously our responsibility to show our children how to gain this freedom. Our goal is that they are personally proud of not being mastered by addictive-by-design media, and see their ability for real encounters as a badge of honor. For this reason, Saint Raphael enforces a strict no-cell-phone-use policy that can be read here. School families are also encouraged and supported to share this goal of personal freedom in their own homes as well. 

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