Welcome to Our New Principal

Father Hagen

Dear brothers and sisters at St. Raphael’s,

This week brings some exciting news. As you know, an excellent, faith-filled team from across our community has been helping interview a number of inspiring applicants who stepped forward to serve as our next school principal.

The team crafted a series of insightful criteria from the excellent feedback from our faculty, school families, and parishioners. The interview process was exciting, and frankly, beautiful. I learned so much about the history of God’s work here, as well as the present-day testimonies to the fruit He has brought forth in the lives of our students who are given a God-filled environment to grow in knowledge, virtue, and wisdom as He designed.

Any one of the candidates could have brought their qualifications and God-given gifts to our school successfully, but one in particular stood out as a particularly graced answer to our prayer. We had been asking God to send us a committed, humble, and honest gardener – someone who could take the beautiful seeds of faith, reason, friendship, and formation that are already planted in our school’s culture and cultivate them well, so that they flourish and grow into a rich environment for a new generation of students knocking at our doors.

It is my pleasure to announce that Mr. Jason Finne has accepted the position of principal at St. Raphael’s Catholic School. I firmly believe his proven faithful service to our students is evidence of his heart that is intent upon tending the ‘seedlings’ God has entrusted to us. In his past six years serving our community, he has distinguished himself both as a beloved middle school teacher and as associate principal this year.

Mr. Finne doesn’t just have the heart of a gardener and teacher, though. He also has the heart of a great coach. I have come to know Mr. Finne as a man who has met our God in the Church, in the classroom, and also on the gridiron. I am inspired by the way he speaks about meeting our God while coaching football – a God Who passionately desires that we be fully Alive, healthy in body, mind, and soul. It is also clear that he has found in the tradition of his Catholic faith the pinnacle of what it means to be alive – the place where all our school’s study, virtue, artistic creativity, physical training, friendships, and service culminate in beautiful worship of our God, Who is the One truly worthy of it all. I believe Mr. Finne will faithfully challenge our students to give their all for their Creator, and not settle for less.

I am delighted that Mr. Finne has accepted this role, and I want to thank all the St. Raphael’s community for their dedicated prayer and support throughout the search. Please join me in extending warm encouragement to Mr. Finne as he embraces the rich blessings and challenging crosses of this new responsibility. Lastly, because we have a unique opportunity to smoothly transition leadership through the end of this school year, Mr. Finne will formally begin as principal this Ash Wednesday, March 2, as he and our interim principal, Mr. Mike McGinty, make a seamless handoff. A big thank-you to Mr. McGinty for his selfless service to our community this year!

We will keep you informed of chances to get to know our new principal better in the days ahead. In the meantime, please keep him and all St.

Raphael’s leadership in your prayers.

In Communion,

-Fr. Nick Hagen

Congratulations, Mr. Finne!

Jason Finne

Dear St. Raphael Community,

I am humbled, awed, and so excited to become the next principal of St. Raphael Catholic 

School. My thanks go to Father Hagen and the members of the search committee for their diligence and dedication to the process of searching for the next principal. I’m grateful, too, for this wonderful and faithful community, and I am dedicated to helping ensure St. Raphael Catholic School is the best it can be for our students, families, and staff. My focus will be growing our students spiritually, academically, socially, and physically, because we are growing Saints!

-Jason Finne